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Email Marketing Services

When crafting your digital marketing strategy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is often a given; however, Email Marketing is just as important. At Techsolve Solutions, we integrate Email Marketing into your comprehensive digital marketing strategy to help you increase your return on investment (ROI) and your bottom line.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a form of direct marketing that reaches potential prospects and established customers. This digital marketing strategy allows businesses to open a direct line of communication between them and their target audience.

To get the most out of your Email Marketing strategy, you need to ensure you build strong and strategic campaigns that make sense for your brand and target audience. By including great content, optimizing emails for all devices, and targeting the right people with the right message, you can keep customers coming back for more.

Why You Need Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still one of the most effective ways to obtain new customers and retain existing ones. Here’s why:

The best part about Email Marketing is that it is completely customizable. Our team can design customized templates for your brand, so each subscriber gets something unique sent straight to their inbox. We will work with you to understand your design preferences and brand voice to put together a custom email template unique to your business.

Measurable Results
Email Marketing allows you to track and measure your data to give insight into where your subscribers are in the buyer journey. We analyze your clickthrough and bounce rate to see what strategies are working and which are not. We also track your conversion rates and ROI and provide you with stronger recommendations to make future decisions.

Increase Brand Awareness
Another benefit of Email Marketing is that it provides you with an opportunity to increase brand awareness. By using email, your content can be received by a large audience. Every time your emails are sent to consumers, your product or services are reinforced. Therefore, when someone is looking for a business like yours, you will be first to come to mind.


Our Three Email Marketing Strategy Options

At Techsolve,we offer three Email Marketing strategy and development options that will provide professional results. We will work with you to determine which combination of services are best to use in your digital marketing strategy.

Email Audit & Strategy Development
By analyzing email performance and looking at email flows and series within newsletters or one-off campaigns, we can identify the success of several key performance indicators (KPIs). For example, assessing open and clickthrough rate (CTR), conversion rate, and overall ROI value. Additionally, we’ll take a look at email content, CTA’s, and more, to see how our clients are doing against their competition.

Email audit and strategy development has worked for our clients because it allows us to look at existing workflows, subscribes, copy, design, and performance to see how we can adjust and improve your new email marketing campaign.

Responsive Email Template Design & Evolution

The Zero Gravity Marketing team can design custom email templates and update them as your brand evolves. We also generate master templates which include every row you could ever need in an email for efficient email building and sending. Separate from our audit, we create new automations broken down in steps. We begin by choosing an email marketing platform, then formulating a strategy, mapping out our workflow, and building segmented lists. For design, our team looks at the current template and evaluates what needs to be done, i.e., any content blocks that need to be added or removed, a design refresh, etc. Our clients love responsive email template design and evolution because it’s a method that allows them to create an email that is custom to their brand.

Ongoing Management & Organization

Two essential elements of Email Marketing are the ongoing management and organization of the campaign. At ZGM, we focus on multiple aspects, including:

Our clients have seen success because of our attention to detail for each of their campaigns. We understand that it is not only what goes into the email that is important but also what is in the backend.